• BMW X Raffles Europejski Warsaw
  • 2022
  • Automotive / Hospitality
  • Creative concept
  • Art and creative direction
  • Photoshoot production
  • Video production

BMW Poland joined forces with Raffles Europejski Warsaw to offer a unique service to hotel guests: the opportunity to experience comfortable transportation with the new electric BMW iX xDrive50, complete with a dedicated driver. The international acclaimed brands presented a luxurious and comfortable solution, emphasizing their focus on people’s needs and satisfaction.

In this project, the 2increatives bureau was responsible for developing a creative concept, communication strategy for the collaboration, and producing video advertising and a photo shoot. The video content, created by the film duo HOLA HOLA FILMS, had its premiere at The Flagship Luxury Travel Expo of ILTM in Cannes. The photo shoot was conducted by photographers Mateusz Grzelak and Daria Buben.