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Comune is a mobile pop-up project conceptually detached from a specific location and flexible in form. It's an event focused on education, exploring unconventional spaces, and presenting diverse products and concepts. Comune defies categorization, giving creators the freedom to act and experiment. It's a dynamic initiative that brings together various artists and constantly evolves, taking on different forms in subsequent editions. It's a place where people and their projects become the main characters, creating unique experiences.

Space is a place'' was the name of the second edition of the exhibition held in the raw interiors of a 1990s office building in Wola. The event, which took place from 18.10 to 22.10.2023, showcased over 20 carefully selected brands from Poland and abroad. As one of the partners of this edition, we had the great pleasure of managing social media during the event and supporting the initiators in acquiring additional partners.