• MLE Collection
  • 2019
  • Fashion
  • Photoshoot production
  • Art and creative direction
  • Image campaign
  • Location scouting

MLE is an independent fashion brand, focusing on the quality of the products offered and the support of local suppliers. Its character is reflected in carefully selected materials and simple, elegant cuts. MLE is a graceful celebration of feminine beauty and timeless minimalism.

As the creative bureau 2increatives, we have been partners of the MLE brand for over 5 years. Our activities focus on the planning and production of photo shoots, from conception to realisation to post-production. We also provide art direction and create advertising campaigns for the brand. One of the most interesting projects created in collaboration with the MLE brand was the image campaign for the spring/summer season, realised in sunny Italy. During the project, we were responsible for choosing the right location, logistics, organisation, creative direction and execution.