• Nutridome, Plon
  • 2018-2022
  • E-commerce
Nutridome Services
  • Communication strategy execution
  • Creative concept
  • Social media management
  • Moderation
  • Copywriting
  • Photoshoot production
  • Video production
  • Set design
Plon Services
  • Communication strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Naming
  • Artistic and creative direction
  • Visual identity
  • Packaging design
  • Print
  • Production support

Nutridome is an online drugstore offering carefully curated cosmetics for both women and men. The store provides high-quality products from top manufacturers and is distinguished by its expert knowledge, professional customer service, and a diverse selection of cosmetics from independent, niche brands.

The collaboration between 2increatives and Nutridome began when the brand entered the market. Right from the start, we worked comprehensively across all social media platforms. As a creative studio, we executed a pre-established strategy, creating visual content (photos and videos), and actively moderating all social media channels.

Additionally, we played a pivotal role in bringing the young, Polish brand of natural cosmetics, "Plon," to life, making it an integral part of Nutridome's diverse product offerings. We crafted the brand's strategy, worked on its branding and naming, and oversaw the production and the packaging design process.